Federal RDAP Program

If you’re in the gun-sights of a US Attorney and the possibility of a stint in federal prison looms, the two things most important are 1) a good lawyer and 2) a good prison consultant who can show you how to significantly reduce the possible length of your sentence with the BOP’s RDAP program. We can teach you how to minimize your prison time and maximize the benefit that you can make of that time. Click through for more information…Read More

Prison Consulting

If you’re worried about an investigation that could result in a criminal indictment, one of the best investments you can make is listening to a qualified and objective prison consultant. He can describe the alternatives you have in dealing with a prosecutor and alleviate many of your concerns about possible incarceration.  Read More

Education is the Answer

The editors of PJA believe that one of the saddest consequences of criminal justice in America is the fatherless families created by excessive imprisonment in America. Education is the key to an improved life for the next generation, children of those who through military service or imprisonment, have been removed as breadwinners for the family. Through future enhancement to this site we hope to offer services and education to improve this situation. We are anxious to receive ideas on how to evolve this service. Send us your stories and suggestions.  Read More